Saturday, July 25, 2009

On Selling Out

Friday, July 10, 2009

On Project One

Project One

Amazing idea from a friend of mine, spread the word, get support behind this.

On Jynxes

So I haven't posted for awhile because of the curse that seems to be on this blog, every time I make a positive post everything turns to shit. But consequences be damned, a short update is in order.

Things are going really well in Dr. Bettinger's I did my first PCR and got decent results. I'm not complete shit yay! On the other hand now that I'm doing PCR things are really building up downtown. Right now I've got about 30+ recombinant strains that I need to get through 2 more rounds of assays, plus I have to do PCR for 18 more chromosomes with the 16 strains that I did this first one with, as well as keep up on worm maintaince, pouring plates, etc.

Porter's in going a bit more smoothly. Some of my boys are dropping out here and there but they are starting to get old so it's understandable. But recently everyone has been training really well so I'm breezeing through test points left right and center, I do wish they were a bit more staggered but results are results. Also two of the curves I'm on now look promising as far as subing goes.

Things are going well personally too. I won't say much because of the jynx but: Goats.

I've been watching alot of weeds recently, conclusion: season 3 sucks boner jams. It's just too rediculous, like before things were believeable but now they're shooting for the stars with these plot lines.

Also I've been listening to alot of born ruffians, they grew on me really quickly and I'm now watching like a hawk to see when the'll be in the area.

I'm leaving ranger HQ in 35 days, then Richmond in 6 months. Chicago has a pretty strong pull but I need to start looking at schools/jobs/programs really soon. Also on that note, I made a professional facebook, with my real name. OOOOOOOh! I won't be posting the link thought because I'm trying to keep it just lab/professional contacts. It's pretty lame too, I wouldn't want any one to really look at it.

Mike and I ordered our first warhammer boxes. Him Dwarves (obviously) myself Lizardmen. Stoked.