Wednesday, February 4, 2009

On Procrastination

Where have I been the last few weeks?

School is finally gearing up and just as predicted my science heavy scheduel is beginning to drain my time and kick my ass. All this week I'll leave the house around 10-10:30 and not come home till 11 or later. Classes, studying, working in the library, etc. I'm not that worried though, while I am busy and not able to be at home and relax much I have breaks so that I can sit down for maybe a half hour or so and just dick around online or what have you. This also means that my classes are just starting to get interesting.

I need to start sleeping more or get a better handle on my ability to stay awake. I have 3 classes around the 4-6:40 slot this semester, and I seem to have a hard time staying awake. One Asain Medicines and Asain Relgions, I could care less about falling asleep in because I've heard all the religious parts of this course 4 times now, and most of the medical stuff comes from the books were supposed to be reading (side note get on the next book now so it dosen't sneak up on you). The other one is Drugs and Their Actions, which I've sent some non-class e-mails back and forth with the teacher and seen her at a talk or two, but it's still really embarassing that I've fallen asleep. My third 4-640 class is the biggie, Research Methods in Biopsych, my grad level class. We went downtown to listen to Division of Animal Research give us a talk about animal care. I knew I was falling asleep but I tried to let it not happen or not be obivous about it. Well when your at a conforance table with 6 people it's kind of hard to be inconspicious. Reguarldess when we stood up to go on a tour one of the grad students let me know that I was really obviously falling asleep and that she thinks the speaker noticed. That was horrible, I don't get embarrased easily, but that made me kick myself really hard. The tour ended up being kind of dull though, as most of what she showed us was like our vivarium at Monroe. The monkey lab tour is coming up though so I'm still really excited about that.

I saw the Tim and Eric Awesome Tour last night. I had only found out about it the day before and I'm really really glad that I went. DJ Douggpound was really tight. Highlight include: "Fuck that" "put that in your sound pussy" and the Dane Cook sound bites. Alot of the TEASGJ was there for the performance, and I can't put into words how awesome it was.

Great Job

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