Tuesday, March 3, 2009

On Being Sick Again

So whats been going on recently.

This evening I took a "computer literacy" test that my university requires each student to take before they graduate. It's impossibly simple tasks (use word count, delete this column from an excel file, switch between two windows) so simple that I wondered why they required something like this of ready to graduate college seniors? Shortly after I began taking the test a girl sat down next to me and began to take the test as well. I then realize why they set this test as a requirement. I'm not sure if she was just scared by the testing environment or if she was just confused by the poorly worded questions, but she was on the phone with her friend and had to read aloud most every question and ask how to do that task to her friend. I almost wanted to lean over and help her through it all but I ended up not doing it. She was timing out on almost every section and those sections shouldn't have taken more than 10 minuets at the maximum. You would think that by the time you had about 120 under your belt you would have been exposed to enough computer handling that you would know what you were doing. But I guess that's why they have this test in place.
Regardless it took me about 2.5 hours. Grant it I was facebooking and chatting to people while I was doing it but still, entirely too long.

I'm sick again, I was hoping that I wouldn't catch whats been going around and that it was just what I had earlier in the season, but sure enough Friday and Saturday I had a runny nose but nothing more so I didn't change anything, I went out both nights smoke, drank, etc. Sunday I woke up feeling like complete shit, I was weak, cold, and aching. I thought about calling out but knew it would never fly so I got a friend to give me a ride to work. As soon as I got to work I was freezing, even some of my coworkers noticed that I was shaking and people said I looked horrible. A few hours into my double I warmed up a little but my back began to hurt and I was aching all over really badly. In the long run I'm really glad I got a ride in because the snow came and we closed early (gasp!) due to the weather, I got a ride home and convinced someone not to walk (from willow lawn to the fan) in the heavy snow. As soon as I got home I curled up in bed and passed out. Slept for 13 hours and woke up to a snow covered Richmond. University was closed and I decided to take the day off from the lab. Ended up going to Pearly's for breakfast with my roommate and a neighborhood friend and one of our other neighbors was working that morning decided that our money was no good that morning.

I'm beginning to worry about my semester a bit. I'm not doing as well in my classes as I'd like. I really enjoy them but maybe it's senioritis, maybe its everything else going on but I can't find the focus to study. I'm fairly certain that I bombed my Drugs and their Actions test today. Not a good way to spend your second test. Not doing so hot at all in Neurobiology, and I'm considering dropping Asian Medicines and Asian Religions. If I did that then I could work Wednesday nights and drop Saturday mornings which means I could at least come in to run test points or sleep if I have none. I've been missing alot of test points because I can't run Saturday mornings. One of the grad students has been nice enough to tack an extra group for the past few weeks but I feel bad because I'm making him spend more of his Saturday in the lab when I'm sure there's other things he could be doing.

On the upside things are looking good for me to get my Athena sleeve over spring break. I've been talking to Justin alot and I've told him I'm free all break and that I get paid on the Tuesday of. So we'll see how that goes.

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