Monday, March 23, 2009

On Tattoos

So I've really really wanted a half-sleeve of the greek goddess Athena for about a year now. Now my current tattoo artist has said that he's been really into doing mythological tattoos. And his work is really good the only problem is that he is a goddamed ghost. I've told him multiple times that I am ready and have the money to do this and that I'd like to get it done while I still have the cash. I've told him this maybe three times now and each time I've gotten nothing back. Emails, phone calls, passing messages. Nothing, so I'm wondering if I should start looking for a new artist. I picked up a card from Thea Duskin and checked out her portfolio, she looks pretty good. I've always heard good things about Salvation and checked out some of their profiles.

I don't know, thoughts? Suggestions?


  1. Salvation impressed me the most. I like Katie Davis' rib/side piece. Most definitely consider them...I think they would do a really nice job for a half-sleeve. :)

  2. My roommate Alicia is going to get her tattoo done by Katie Davis at Salvation sometime this week or next week. I think her work is pretty awesome. She said that they spend a lot of time and process before they settle down with one idea, which is much more settling and professional.