Saturday, April 18, 2009

On Bad Luck

Yesterday I was enjoying the weather with some friends on my porch. Then a bird shit on me. Three people (and the opening scene in Fable II) said it was good luck. One other person told me that witches had cursed me.

I'm beginning to believe the latter.

It's either that or this blog is bad luck. It seems like every time that I post that things are going well here they turn to shit within a few days. On Mornings was no exception. I'm worried that my decision to stay has interfered with someones plans and because of that it has caused them strife. Whatever I (should be) talking to you within the next few hours so hopefully things will work themselves out.

Wish me luck, I may be leaving after all.


  1. What?! Where does this leave me?

  2. hahaha a bird shit on you and I wasn't there? that is bad luck, but mostly for me. I hope things work out. Even though I don't want you to leave, you should really go if that's what you want. You could always come to Blacksburg and work in our psych dept. :)