Thursday, May 28, 2009

On Awesome Shows

So I've been extremely broke (like overdraft broke) for the past few days. I don't get paid till this monday and my friends were getting tired of feeding me. So a friend of mine who'se in a drawing class needed nude models and I agreed. 2 night and 4 hours later I get 10 dollars and a meal. Meh, but any way I took said $10 and went to the Camel to see David Shultz and the Skyline Band, Paleface, and Itchy Hearts.

I missed most of Itchy Hearts and wasn't too impressed by what I did see. I think they're a highschool band? Either way there was 10k kids there watching them, all from high school.

Paleface came on next and I didn't expect much out of them but half way through the first song I was in love. It's a guy and a girl, the guy (Paleface) sings, plays guitar, and harmonica. His voice varies from Louis Armstrong gravel pit to a decent tenor falseto. He was full of energy and while Varia and I were dancing came down to dance with us. The lady is a drummer who also sings, beatiful voice, really cute. They've got a very folky sound about them which I loved. I went home and wiki/last.fmd them and it turns out that Paleface has been around for a really long time. He even tutored under Daniel Johnston. Check it.

David Shultz and the Skyline Band were really good too. They played some stuff from an upoming album which is exciting. After the show I went up and talked to Paleface and DS for a bit. Good stuff. $7 Better spent on a show than food!

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  1. I first listened to Paleface almost 20 years ago, he had a song on a Shimmy Disc compilation and it was called Burn and Rob. It became the theme song at my record store.
    I finally made it so see him at the show you were at. I believe I was standing next to you at the show, I just happened to have a camcorder.... I've tried to paste the urls but if you can't see it go to youtube and search paleface and mitch26 there are 4 clips
    I was disappointed though he didn't do Burn and Rob....