Sunday, May 10, 2009

On Random DC Trips (Part 2)

So after posting last night Jennie, Aimee, and I sat around the house, or more I sat around while they went through some kind of photo book “remember him he was so gross lolololol!” we all went down to the stoop to smoke a cigarette and one of Aimee’s friends Dan was walking by. He sat down and talked to us for awhile, Jennie got really excited when Dan told her about the Derby.
J: What is it?
D: It’s a Bar
J: Is it cheap?
D: Yeah
J:FUCK YEAH! Does it have PBR?
D: yeah I think so

Jennie and I ran upstairs and got smokes and my shoes, but we went back down and disappointedly got talked out of going to the bar. As an alternative Dan invited us down the street to play 4 square and have some BBQ. Apparently 4 square is a big thing in Mt. Pleasant. To our dismay we went with Dan to the house he was talking about but 4 square and the BBQing had been put away. We still hung out on the porch with Dan, Beth?, and some other kid, plus Jennie and I drank leftover beer from a party that Aimee’s roommate had a few days ago. Not like floaters, they were still closed when we took them out of the fridge.

We had a good time, hung out for a bit, shared some stories, etc. Everyone decided it was bed time so the three of us walked back to Aimee’s and after chatting and a cig or two Jennie and I blew up the air mattress and passed out.

I woke up to Jennie talking to Aimee as she was going out the door for work. We lounged around in our PJs for about an hour then packed up and left Aimee’s. We put a little more money on our Metro cards and got on green. After we switched to red our car pulled off to let another train pass and then broke down, or something? Long story short we sat there for maybe 20 min at a 20o angle. Train started up and we were on our way again.

The rest of the trip was fairly uneventful, got back to the car got on 95 eventually, stopped at Wawa for some food, listened to some fun music. The usual. I got back into Richmond around 4:45ish.

All in all this trip was amazing, it was phenomenal to get out of the city, and I had a lot of fun. Thanks to Jennie for getting me to go and for paying for some stuff. Thanks to Aimee for housing the two of us for a few days. I’m psyched to go back, but this time I’m taking my bike, Jennie said that 2am on a Sunday is the most supreme time to ride because no one’s on the road. I look forward to my next trip back and to the many other roadtrips I’ll take this summer. This trip showed me that there is much bigger and better things in the world than Richmond, Va. It’ll always be my heart but it’s time to move on. Thanks for the great times.

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