Monday, May 18, 2009

On Loving the Cannibal Queen

So I graduated Saturday. While the ceremonies themselves were awesome, and I had an amazing day, night and otherwise. However, this being the first day after the weekend of, I don't find myself in the blissful arms of a carefree summer. In fact I am far from the Golden Summer that I thought was well within my grasp.

I had to give my first progress report to Dr. Bettinger today. Dr. Bettinger is not one to beat around the bush, she is very direct, has a short temper, and my lack of background in the majority of the aspects of this lab is not helping me out. I sat down in her office and was immediately made to feel like an idiot. Not fun, so I went to go pick worms for a practice assay tomorrw. All of the worms had burrowed under the auger so I couldn't get to them and concidering I was looking for just L4s it made it even worse. I picked 20 and got one of the more senior techs to look over my picking. "Lets see what we've got: an adult, a dead worm, an L3, oh there's one!" yeah didn't do well. It was about 3:00 and I was begining to worry about making it down to Dr. Porter's for my Drug Discrimination. Long story short Bett's was a crap shoot today.

On a lighter note I finished downloading Miniature Tigers' Tell it To the Volcano. I'm really digging it, it's what I've been listening to all day on repeat. I kind of want to have a cup of coffee right now, I'm gunna stay up and read a bit. That's one good thing now that it's summer, I haven't fixed my xbox and stuff, so I've been hanging out with people alot more than I feel like I would if I had it fixed. Having to work every morning is kinda hampering that but it's ok because I don't have any money anyway.

So anyway, summer comes with it's ups and it's downs. Let's see how this last year rides out.

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