Sunday, January 25, 2009

On Being a Lonley Vampire

So I think the rest of my weekends for this semester are going to consist of doubles Saturday and Sunday, as well as working a closing shift on Friday. Which means that my weekends will basically boil down to Work-Drink-Sleep repeat for three days. Not especially pumped. This was the second of such a weekend, mind-numbing and bleak.

Friday night though I got off of work and on my way home I was stopped by my friends outside of Rumors. One of my friends, had invited me to go see this Chapel Hill band play at Rumors but I was going to skip it. I then found out that said Chapel Hill band was The Never, and even though I was still in my work clothes and wanting to go home I stayed for the show. I'm really glad I did, phenomenal show at a small venue. Lots of band-crowd interaction, super tight.

Awesome show, really glad I stopped by. Video Link.


  1. Shouldn't your blog be called "Why can't science shaboing this?" or better yet "Why can't kyler shaboing this?" or even better "Long Dick Steak Dick Shaboinging Busrape."

  2. I have a gift card to your facility! So I may see you soon ...