Thursday, January 29, 2009

Oh Campus Police

So I go to Virgina Commonwealth University, and it's the largest public university in Virginia. Our campus police are a little more than security guards in golf carts. We have a full police division with cruisers, bike cops, and possibly segway cops (not sure if that was Richmond or VCU). All of the VCU dorms has a full staff of 24hour security guards which are also a division of the VCUPD.

Either way I just found out this morning that the Police Chief for VCU, Chief Fuller, has been arrested for soliciting sex from a 14 year old girl over the internet.

I used to be a Dorm Security Guard and so I've actually meet Chief Fuller which makes this ever the sweeter.

I IMed one of my former Security buddies about this.
-Did you hear what happened to Chief Fuller
+Yeah (another guard) text me while I was in class, I almost peed my pants
- hahaha tight
+ Literally
(Laughing ad infinitum)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

On Being a Lonley Vampire

So I think the rest of my weekends for this semester are going to consist of doubles Saturday and Sunday, as well as working a closing shift on Friday. Which means that my weekends will basically boil down to Work-Drink-Sleep repeat for three days. Not especially pumped. This was the second of such a weekend, mind-numbing and bleak.

Friday night though I got off of work and on my way home I was stopped by my friends outside of Rumors. One of my friends, had invited me to go see this Chapel Hill band play at Rumors but I was going to skip it. I then found out that said Chapel Hill band was The Never, and even though I was still in my work clothes and wanting to go home I stayed for the show. I'm really glad I did, phenomenal show at a small venue. Lots of band-crowd interaction, super tight.

Awesome show, really glad I stopped by. Video Link.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

On Predictability

So Barack Obama is now officially the president of the US of A. Very Nice! Found this little gem, of course our first black president would have a Caddy Presidential Limo, it only seems fitting.

Monday, January 19, 2009

On Days Off

Happy MLK day world. A Day off from school and work. This hasn't happened in awhile. I tried to be semi productive this morning and went into the lab. But pretty much as soon as I got there talk turned to breakfast and my self, Jason, Sarah, and Beth went to Galaxy. While Blackhole Pancakes, Bacon, and Corn Beef Hash are a wonderfully guilty breakfast it's put me in a very lethargic mood all day. Got back to the lab and thought about running just those elidgable to test tomrrow then decided to say fuck it and I'd do everything tomrrow.

So I came home and started doing laundry, picked up my room, caught up on podcasts, and downloaded some music. Finally got the Fleet Foxes album, which I'm about to put on, as well as Snowden's Anti-Anti. This is on top of the Modest Mouse discogrophy I finally finished and and Crystal Castles I still haven't gotten to. I really wish I had an iPod so I could listen to music on the way to work or during close or a little better when I'm by myself in the lab. I also caught up on a new webcomic Horribleville, I like it, was able to catch up in one afternoon and it's now in my feed. I think it only updates once a week which is kinda lame but I like what I've seen so far.

But anyway none of this is wanted to post about. This is what I wanted to bring to everyone's attention. I'm really excited and a little worried about this at the same time. As we speak I'm redownloading the series and the movie, to watch it again and nostalga my brain out. I really loved Cowboy Bebop as a kid and a part of me is really pumped to see more done with the universe. However Keanu Reeves as Spike Speigle? Not excited about that at all. Keera Nightly is rumored as Faye Valintine and Bruce Willis as Jet Black. If these have any streaks of truth to them then this could turn out to be a pretty big movie. One question though, who could play Ed? I think that's the biggest question we need to have ansewer today.

Friday, January 16, 2009

On Self Loathing

So while watching the Zach Galifianakis DVD with a good friend of mine last night I've come back to a old social observation that has been made millions of times over and I just thought why not expand on it a little in here. The amount to which we accept self loathing as normal thing in a persons life is in a way alarming. I believe that something as possibly detremental as self loathing and acceptance of such gives us a form of humility, another there cannot be darkness without light kind of situation. Even in music self loathing is prominent. I'm not just talking about obvious things like emo music or whatever, I've been listening to alot of Kevin Devine lately and while alot of his songs are very personal (sounding) there are some self loathing lyrics.
Well, either way, I realize that my shit's
About as small as it could be
But that makes me feel worse for even feeling
This bad in the first place
Maybe this is just situational for me but it seems that way at least.

Next Time: Beards, Facial Hair, and Power or Where to Next?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Take 2

So I'm going to try having a blog again, I didn't like the way the first one came out so I deleted it and vowed never to blog again (not counting My DnD Blog). But I've been reading over some friend's blogs and I wanna hop back into it. So I figured I'd try this again, get bored with it, not like what I end up posting and deleting it in a few months.

Things have been moving in the right direction for me recently. The last few months have been a bit of a roller coaster in both my personal and professional lives. But the start of a new year and a new semester have come with a spirt of good luck.

Professionally I'm really excited about all of my classes this semester, and although they'll be pretty hard I'm extremely interested in all (well 3/4) of them. On top of that it is my last semester of undergraduate which is exciting in it's own right. My drug discrimination study is back off the ground after a major setback that occurred over the break. There's a slim possibility that I'll be going to Rome over the summer on the school's bill even though I won't be a student of any kind. My abstract for the Undergraduate Poster Symposium (I basically get to publicly present my work) is coming together decently enough. It just seems that in general the Gods have noticed the diligence I put forth and have rewarded my efforts.

Personally things are also going better. In a way I've come to terms with somethings that were going on with my ex, which I feel is good because now we'll both be able to grow as individuals and as a collective. New classes bring new faces which is always good, I have people I know in three of my classes which is always a plus. And I'm getting out more and seeing more of my friends.

Things are looking up now, which is a welcome change from the way things have been over the past few months. I hope I'm not jinxing myself and I hope that the Gods continue to favor me, and that they are pleased with the work I do in their name. So lets see where this blog goes from here.